What We Offer


We offer a full range of taxation and accounting services to individuals and small businesses in Deal. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man-and-van, a beautician, a plumber or builder: whatever your trade, we can help you.

You don’t even have to be running a business. Perhaps you’re in receipt of rental income or have an investment portfolio which you need to declare to the taxman. There are many reasons why people need to fill out a tax return and it’s not always clear how you go about it.

Whatever it is, we can help you.

To give you an idea of the work we do, here’s a list of the sort of things we can help you with.

  • drawing up self-employed and company accounts;
  • filing individual, partnership and company tax returns with HMRC;
  • dealing with tax returns of property income and rentals;
  • offering advice on your business records;
  • reviewing correspondence with HMRC and helping you reply;
  • helping you out with CIS repayments;
  • assisting with PAYE matters;
  • helping out with Capital Gains Tax calculations.

We know that you’re busy and so we’re available to help at evenings and weekends. And either Jane or Mark can also come to your home or office if that helps.

Just remember: this isn’t a complete list – if you’re not sure, give us a ring and we’ll be happy to chat it through with you. There really is no obligation and we’ll do what we can to try and help you!

Jane & Mark